COVID-19 Wedding Entertainment

Couples planning a wedding in ‘Ronaville’ are doing it tough with the added layers of complexities.

Challenging – yes.
Emotionally draining – most likely.
We get it, we do entertainment. We want to show you and your guests a great time; after all, it’s what we do.

Our most popular wedding entertainment is DJs and Live Music but there are some banging alternatives to keep bums on seats, and vibes high.

COVID-19 – “B!$tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” says Kendrick Lamar. And Fergie sings, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”.

The Scissor Sisters sang “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” and currently dancing and singing are considered high-risk activities in NSW, so they are “no-nos” at weddings. With that in mind here is what you can do:

  • Get Married – weddings are A-OK in NSW provided guests numbers are within the 4m2 rule at the venue and within the 150 guest limit.
  • Have an Epic Wedding – in the company of friends and family with beautiful food and drinks to keep spirits high. Wedding cake, photos, flowers, your styling choices and so much more are all there for you.
Cheers for those cocktails.
  • Focus Elsewhere – we get it, no dancing is a bombshell. Challenge yourself to think beyond it, you’ve got more attention to cherish the moment with friends and family, savour the food and drink, the sunset and each other. Let your guests chat with each other.
  • Zhuzh Up the Drinks – make it fun, name the cocktails after yourselves or a key guest, think about some speciality garnishes for that wow-factor.
Don’t mention the masks, Karen.
  • Be Entertained – a key part of the restrictions is being seated so we also offer the following entertainment all hosted by one of our charming M.C.s :
    • Stand Up Comedians – it’s full of laughs and we can make it a little personal to the couple and/or guests.
    • Your Wedding Pub Quiz – it’s like a pub quiz, families and friends form a team and battle it out. Make some subjects personal to you.
    • Disco Bingo – it is bingo with music, and without the numbers, and it rocks.
    • The Shoe Game – a classic game for guests to get to know the couple, big laughs guaranteed.
Be Entertained – live music is allowed.
  • Tarot and Palm Readers – believe them or not, you’d like to know their mystic predictions
  • Paint and Sip – guests can take their work of art home.
  • Drag Queen – always gets bums on seats. Cheeky as!
  • Awards – throw in a few awards for the best-dressed man and woman, who travelled the furthest, who ate the most.
  • DJs and Live Music – it is not all about singing and dancing with DJs and Musos, they’re skilled at setting the vibe and ambience. Think about sunset mixes, or loungey cocktail feels.
Indeep says “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”. A good DJ can set the vibe without a D-Floor.

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