Why DJs love a good MC?

You’ve probably seen some great MCs who light up the room with finesse and grace.  And, there are some who think they can that but, despite good intentions, they sadly can’t.  Which of those MCs would you pick for your wedding or event?

Audience engagement helps / Cred: Alasdair Elmes

Wedding DJs and MCs have to “get it tight, get it right” as you only get one wedding reception.  Let’s break down what there is love about a good wedding MC.

  • Fun and outgoing – comes to mind for an MC, plus as cool as an Esky under pressure.
  • Connection, control and communication – the MC brings together the bridal party, the couple and close family and friends with the guests.  They’ll liaise with wedding co-ordinators, the caterers, photographers, DJs ensuring timings and key moments such as speeches, the first dance and cake cutting come together seamlessly. 
  • Flow, formalities and finesse – an MC knows when to amp the crowd with energy, and when to soften the mood for a special moment.  Executing this with class and emotional intelligence puts “fun” into the formalities of ushering guests to dinner seats or reading a message from a special someone who can’t attend.
  • A dependable voice – the MC might be a relative, a friend or a pro-MC, and they’ll be relied upon to deliver a couples, coordinators and venues expectations.  Their personality, mic technique and MC experience will influence proceedings greatly.
  • Vibe – the MC reads the crowd just like a DJ does to work the room.
  • Amateur or Pro is A-OK –  personally, l love working with either and I’ve enjoyed coaching that nervous MC on the day as they delight the couple’s guests.  A pro-MC, however, is the proven “Master of Ceremonies”.
Victoria Field Wedding Venue, Byron Bay / Cred: @carly__tia

Nuts ’n Bolts – MC / DJ Dynamics

When it comes to a DJ working with a pro-MC the magic of all the connection, energy and timings always come together how it should.  Nuts and bolts wise, the MC will probably use the DJs mic and speakers so a good DJ will ensure sound levels are just right with any howling feedback.

Experienced MCs and DJs understand each other’s goals and support each other to achieve them. Take the bridal entrance for example:

  • Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” 3 min, 56 secs is the bridal party entrance song 
  • 6 couples enter the room individually, each couple dances as the guest cheer them on before they sit down.  
  • a good DJ / MC combo can work the crowd, volumes and song cue points to keep vibes high 
  • the DJ mixes and cues the track to last the 7 minutes needed for the entrance without stopping the song, playing it twice or going to another song
  • the MC is comfortable knowing the music pumps at the right time and is turned lower when they speak

Or perhaps the MC announces the next speaker, the DJ cues a perfect song at the perfect cue point setting the tone for the speech as they walk up to the mic.  A good wedding DJ knows when to hit play on the first dance just as the MC wants, thus no awkward silences or music over the MC.  And that first dance moment is everything it should be.

The MCs best friend / Cred: Kane Reinholdtsen

A local pro-MC will most likely have worked at your chosen venue, with the caterer and wedding co-ordinator previously, that familiarity only helps the MC in executing their duties.

Are all MCs created equal?

Chances are a pro-MC will weave much more magical moments into your wedding.  We love working with MC Dean from Marry Me Dean so much, that we created the DJ/MC Package.  Not only does Dean comes with a wealth of experience in hospitality and events, but he is also a pro-MC & celebrant along with being vice president of Byron Bay Toastmasters International.    

After working with MC Dean I know how he lights up a room creating once in a lifetime moments and memories, for all the right reasons.

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