Why Party Liaison?  Do I need a DJ, Musician or MC?
We are performers and entertainers. Together we create the atmosphere and vibes for you to get happy and make memories for a lifetime. If you value music and entertaining guests then you’re the kind of people we work with.

Can I make requests?
Yes, of course. You can supply requests before and during your event. You can also limit requests from guests too. A great DJ works with requests to play the right song at the right time.

What kind of music do you play?
Firstly, we always ask what music you’d like played.  Our DJs and Musicians cover Pop, EDM, Top 40Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Disco, Jazz, Country, Rock, Soul, Motown, Retro and more. 

What kind of events do you cover?
Bars, clubs, weddings, private parties, corporate events, fitness classes.  Chilled out ambient sets to raging to dancefloors.

What about songs I don’t want played?
Just tell us beforehand we’ll add them to the ‘nay-nay’ list.

Can I give you a playlist?
Yes, we encourage you to share your playlists.  Collaborating together on music produces the best results.

What is a DJ Mixtape?
A sample, the tip of the iceberg for what a DJ can play and mix together. We are open format DJs meaning they play and mix together many genres to keep vibes and the dancefloor rocking.

What does an MC do?
Raises the vibes and makes everyone feel included, perhaps with a few laughs along the way.

They keep an event on schedule as plan, liaises with guests and staff, uses the mic for speeches, introductions and announcements.  Most importantly they keep the audience engaged.

Who will be our DJ, Musician and/or MC?
Most performers are listed on the website.  You get to pick your preferred performer and when planning your event you get to chat with your performers.

Are you COVID-Safe?
Yes, we are a registered COVID-Safe business.

What if we have to change the date?
We are happy to reschedule to a new date, more info is in our terms and conditions of trade.

How do I book?
A booking fee (deposit) of around 30% of the total fee secures your performer on your event date.  The remaining balance is due closer to your event.


Do you have a wireless microphone?
Yes, most packages include a wireless mic at no extra cost.

Can I plug in my iPhone or play music from YouTube, TikTok?
Technically yes it is possible but we don’t recommend it.  We’d be happy to source the music before your event to avoid interrupting the flow and energy of the night.

Do you provide all gear – decks, lights, speakers, microphone?
Yes.  Pro-quality speakers, wireless microphone, DJ decks and dancefloor lighting.

If the venue already has its own audio/visual system we may use it.

What are your requirements from the venue or location?
– Safe power supply (2 plugs exclusively for us).
– Adequate performance area size, shelter from direct sunlight, rain, weather hazards.
– To park our vehicle close for the bump in/out to carry heavy equipment, we can park if suitably afterwards.


Which areas do cover?
– Byron Bay and Hinterland
– Tweed Coast and Hinterland
– Gold Coast & Brisbane
– Ballina, Lennox Heads
– Lismore, Alstonville
– Othere areas upon enquiry

How much does a DJ or Musician cost?
We believe in paying performers their true value, in return, we only provide performers to clients whose expectations we will meet. The cost varies upon the performer, performance time, location, venue, event type and audience size.

Get in touch for our packages and pricing.

What about time for travel, bump in/out?
Travel and bump in/out time occurs outside of the booked performance time and is generally included in the package price.  Bump in takes around 1 hour, bump out takes around 45 mins. 45 mins of travel each way is included in the package.

What about backup for equipment or performers?
We carry backup equipment with us.  And we have great relationships with other performers in the event of an emergency whom we can call upon.

What about insurance?
As required by many venues, and for peace of mind for ourselves and guests we have public liability insurance.

I’ve never booked a DJ, Live Music or MC and I’m not sure where to start?
Get in touch for a friendly chat, we’ll point you in the right direction.

What about your terms and conditions or trade?
We are happy to supply these before you make a booking.

When should I book?
Truth be told – now is a good time to check on our availability especially for weekends and busy periods.  We hate disappointing you when we are not available.

How do we plan music?
Let’s start with a chat to begin our Party Planning that includes unlimited support.

Can you move locations at a venue?
Yes, we can perform at different locations at a venue and make sure the music never stops.

Can you play outside?
Yes, but we’ll need shelter from the elements, and a safe power source.


Dance like no one is watching. We are happy to share our skills and expertise with you.


Many of the other FAQs can be applied to weddings.

Can a musician learn a new song for a couple?
Yes, if they don’t already play it. They’ll need a little time to learn it.

What are the best wedding songs?
We recommend and play a range of songs to suit specific parts of the day, keep reading for some ideas and playlists. Some couples prefer the wedding classics, others prefer to stay clear of the classics with some fresher selections.

What are the best Ceremony Wedding Songs?
Take a listen to our sample playlist of some classic and fresh songs.

Ceremony Songs – Aisle, Signing and Exit

What are the best Wedding (Bridal) Party Entrance songs?
The playlist includes popular and less obvious entrance songs.

Wedding Party Entrance Songs

What are the best songs to play over dinner?
The playlist includes songs that hit the vibe over dinner, and between entrances, cake cutting, speeches and 1st dances.

Wedding Dining Songs

What are the best 1st Dance Wedding Songs?
Check out our 1st Dance Weddings Songs Blog and listen to our sample playlist.

1st Dance Wedding Songs

What are the Best Wedding Reception songs?
We encourage you to pick some songs that suit your vibe.

Some classic, popular wedding reception songs.
Fresher bangers for your wedding reception.

Can the DJ or Musician be the MC?
Yes, generally. It is best to chat about this so we can fully understand what you require. Bear in mind this is an additional service and skill. We have standalone MC & MC combo packages.